1.  Enter Programming Mode Press PROG/HELP, PARK, 4, 5, 6, (or new Administrator password), #

TO EXIT if needed:  Pick up & Hang Up the Hand Set

2. Press 1 for System Parameters

3. Press 4 to Set Date/Time

4.  Enter new time in a twelve-hour format.  

EXAMPLE: Enter 1233 for 12:33 or 315 for 3:15 (No Leading Zeros)

5. Select AM or PM by pressing the scroll keys 

6. Enter a new date in an eight-digit format, including leading zeros.  EXAMPLE: Enter 07042000 for July 4, 2000  (That leading zeros are required here unlike step 3) 

Estech Voice Works (this is a Tan colored wall mount unit):

The system clock will maintain correct time even during power outages.

The system date is pre-set and requires no changing.

Setting the System Clock (Function 320):  

1. Call into VoiceWorks and enter programming by dialing the administrator’s password  * * 4 5 6 #  

2. At the "Enter function" prompt, input 3 2 0 #

3. The current time programmed into the system will be played. 

4. Enter the new time in 12 hour format followed by the # key (Three or four digits must be entered XXX#. Example: 812# = 8:12

5. At the "AM or PM" prompt, input "1#" for AM or "2#" for PM

6. At the "Enter function" prompt, input  1 1 1 # to exit programming and disconnect

ESI System Time Change

Tadiran System Time Change



1. Access the Deluxe Telephone Programming Features

2. Enter 08-03, then press the softkey beneath save. This  advances to the HOUR MODE programming screen.

3. Press the softkey beneath CHG to change to select 12/24 Hour  Mode.

4. Press the Volume button (v)  to return to the DB Item  Selection Screen.

5. Enter 08-14, then press the softkey beneath save. This  advances to the SYSTEM TIME programming  screen.

6. Press the softkey beneath show. The YEAR database item  displays.

7. Press the softkey beneath CHG to change the year for the  system clock.


8. Press the softkey beneath next to advance to the next system  clock item that requires changes. The next system clocks will      be MONTH, DAY,  WEEKDAY, HOUR, and MINUTE.

9. Press the softkey beneath CHG and enter data for each system  clock described in step 7, as required.

10. Press the Volume button (v)  to return to the DB Item  Selection Screen or exit  programming. 

CORAL - (Tadiran/Sprint/ECI)

*NOTE: Codes given are for version 9 and above, some codes may be different. For example #139 may be 139 or #39

From the designated  attendant console (usually x100, but not always), enter the following code sequence:

"#188" + Time (i.e.  "1032" for 10:32 or "0134" for 1:34) + "2" for AM or "7" for PM + "#11"

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