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  • ​Offers a variety of features, including mobility, conferencing with desktop sharing capabilities, ​affordable redundancy with unrivaled depth, offering "7 Nines of Uptime" - 99.99999% uptime with available redundancy options

  • ​Includes 2 major PC applications:

  • ShoreTel Communicator - the highest rated Unified Communications tool on the market.  Your PC and desk phone have become seemlessly integrated, and you'll find how much easier it is to manage calls, contacts, speed dials, and voicemail right from your desktop

  • ShoreTel Director - an easy to use browser-based management application to control and troubleshoot your entire system

The following messages are ShoreTel success stories that highlight the features and benefits of owning a ShoreTel system:

- See how the San Francisco Giants used ShoreTel to be more cost effective:


- ShoreTel systems are an excellent fit for schools (from ShoreTel Website):

Adrian College ShoreTel Success Story

​"Seeing a ShoreTel demo, which had a system up and running in 10 minutes, impressed the college’s IS team. Citing its ease of management and ability to incorporate existing infrastructure equipment, Adrian College chose ShoreTel. ShoreTel and its reseller, AmeriNet, provided Adrian College with three ShoreTel T1, 12ShoreTel 60, four ShoreTel 40, and 38 ShoreTel 120 Voice Switchesconnecting 42 of its buildings. A voicemail server was also deployed, as well as 320 ShoreTel IP Phones. With over 1,235 extension licenses in use, including `analog phones and IP telephones, students can bring their own phones from home to be hooked directly into the ShoreTel system.

Other benefits include:


   + With the ShoreTel system in place, all employees are now on the same phone and voicemail system, even dialing coworkers by name.


   + The system’s hunt groups capability improves customer service by ensuring that incoming calls are answered by a live person, and do not roll over to voicemail.


   + Ease of implementation enabled the college to meet an accelerated deployment schedule.


   + Maintenance tasks are simple and quick with the Web-based interface of ShoreTel Director.Students and staff may now call 911 directly, minimizing the time to reach the right resources in emergency situations.

   + The college saves an estimated $8,000 per year on line charges. With the ShoreTel T1 Voice Switches in place, costs for

leased lines were reduced 30 percent; the system’s PRI support adds to savings."

The College of William & Mary ShoreTel Success Story

The College deployed a ShoreTel Unified Communications (UC) solution comprising: ShoreTel Voice Switches, models 46 SG-24A, 21 SG-220T1 and 12 SG-T1K; ShoreTel IP telephones, models IP 115, IP 230, and the new IP 655; ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center software; ShoreTel Professional Communicator; and 3,700 licenses.

Benefits include: The ShoreTel Unified Communication system overhauled campus telephony interactions by replacing an 8,000-line legacy PBX phone and voice mail system with state-of-the-art VoIP technologies, E911, softphone capabilities and unified messaging.The College capitalized on ShoreTel’s fully redundant distributed IP architecture with 99.999 percent availability to dramatically reduce risk, and improve fault tolerance and business continuity for mission-critical operations.Professional Communicator provides brilliant simple collaboration tools accessible from the desktop to vastly expedite call handling, expand communications opportunities and streamline workflow activities for greater visibility and productivity.ShoreTel IP Telephone 655 provides an application-ready platform with next-generation capabilities to further extend call efficiencies, including conference bridge management, visual voice mail, patent-pending microphone technology and haptic feedback.

​ACC offers four brands of VoIP solutions, with varying depths of features and advantages

How VoIP Products Will Help You Save!

Is your business interested in a new communication technology that is armed with new features that will ultimately save you time and money?  At a glance, Voice over IP is simply communication over an internet network, which allows multiple locations to be brought together over the internet.  

Questions you should be considering when thinking VoIP:

  • do we have multiple locations?
  • how good is our current network?
  • how important is redundancy in our system?  
  • do we need a system with no single point of failure?
  • do we have a mobile workforce, or several who would like to work from home? 
  • ​are we looking for a system that will grant us a quick return on investment?

Mobile Connectivity!

The simplest way to get in touch with a mobile workforce is through their cellular phone.  With a VoIP solution, your employees could use their smartphone as an extension of their desk phone, including their deskphone features like transfer, conference, hold, directory, and more!  All of this can be done through either cellular, OR WiFi.

With WiFi usage, your employees could be making expense-free calls from any public WiFi network or within their home or business.  Is cellular connectivity an issue at home or at work?  Mobility options could provide an ideal solution.

ACC can work with your cellular bills and tweak your employees minute plans to show you how you could be saving lots of money!


Your computer can become your telephone - great for call centers and wireless offices! 

Computer Integration

  • Voice mail to Email

  • ​Check voice mail on your computer like a YouTube feed, or on your desk telephone!

  • Instant messaging and video conferencing

Ease of Management

  • Less hardware
  • Less downtime, and easier fixes
  • Obtain diagnostic information through specified emails

Simplified Conferencing & Collaboration

Save time and money with simple and effective IP conferencing

Communications made easy with VoIP! (Just some of the plentiful features VoIP has to offer)

However, over the past twenty years a new era of technology called Voice over Internet Protocol has been making waves in the industry.  VoIP essentially packages and transmits your voice as data over the internet or through your private business network in a secure and cost effective manner.  With it comes a host of new features and capabilities not available in traditional technology: ease of use & management, less hardware, no single point of failure, and lower monthly bills to see an overall ROI via reduced maintenance costs and least cost routing.  And better yet, many of these solutions can be introduced to your pre-existing telephone network!

Over the past century, businesses have been using telephone lines that connect to the telephone company's network to make external calls, while using a private branch exchange (PBX) to route calls internally.  Although this technology has evolved over many years, the advances in technology have been building off the same structure. Many people are satisfied with this method, and ACC's foundation has been built on this structure and service - we can certainly offer a traditional solution.  

Telephone systems for today's small businesses need to be simple to use and manage, while keeping your business and customers within an arm's reach.  Along with these factors, choosing the right system for your business can ultimately save you a remarkable amount of time and money.  But if your current system isn't broken, what are the advantages of making a major change?  -  

VoIP Solutions: Why VoIP?

How VoIP can change the way you conduct business